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Two dogs
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Animals communicate on a regular basis through telepathy. It is, at its root, the most basic form of communication. As humans, we disconnect from our natural telepathic abilities, and learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic abilities cease to grow. Communication is two way process, there is a sender and receiver. Telepathy can be done in the same room or over a distance. An example of this is when you are thinking of someone and that very person calls you on the phone. Cindy can receive feelings, thoughts, words, images, emotions, and sometimes smells, when she communicates with animals. Sometimes she may feel the arthritis in the animals body or see their favorite toy. How she perceives information depends on how the animal communicates with her.

Cindy is well trained Animal Communicator and has trained along side some of the finest Animal Communicators of our time. She has earned a Diploma in Animal Communication having been personally mentored by UK’s Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Helen DaVita. She utilizes her mediumnistic and intuitive gifts to help people and pets deal with issues of relationships, grief, end of life transitions, energy work, as well as the curious who seek out her talents. She has been interviewed on radio domestically, and internationally, and has given lectures on “The Hydesville Rappings”. Cindy also facilitates workshops on Animal Communication. A native of the Ozarks, Cindy knew at a young age that the Spirit world was vibrant and real and that her connection to animals was apparent. Every stray dog she took home was cared for, fed, and given a place to rest. There was Trixie, Blackie and Mutly, just to name a few.

Each message communicated by our animals is a reflection of their immense beauty and worth. Cindy feels passionate about serving Spirit thru the beauty of animal communication. She believes it is truly a beautiful healing experience to bring messages from our beloved animals to the world

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