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Not goodbye but Ti’Amo

Our pets are an integral part of our lives. Birthdays, graduations, day to day activities, summer vacations, and challenging life seasons, are beautifully shared with us by our animal companions. Life flashes in a blink of an eye and the precious moments spent with our pets dissipates quickly. Courage must be summoned in full measure when the difficult time comes for a beloved pet to transition.

Pet transition is a challenging part of my work as an animal communicator. Bereaved owners contact me desperately wanting to connect with their pet for a variety of reasons. I often hear “I just want to know if they are mad at me”, from clients who have made the gut-wrenching decision, of allowing an animal to transition. I confidently can extend assurance and hope that animals in Spirit are not angry with you! Animals understand the hows and whys of what we do. I’ve never had an animal communicate that they wanted another surgery or more time spent in a broken body. Conversely, the animal’s feelings of relief, freedom, and gratitude, are most often communicated in these tender moments, providing guilt-ridden owners much needed respite.

Our pets provide us with so much love and a deep bond of being connected to a soul that loves unconditionally. This deep bond, once broken in the physical, can create great anxiety in a bereaved pet owner. Desperation can set in along with unbearable grief. The hardest part of my work is having to compassionately explain to a saddened pet owner experiencing the death of a pet, to wait at least six months before receiving a private sitting from me. The reasons are many but primarily a pet owner is extremely vulnerable during this crucial time. I must emphatically state here that a person needs time to grieve which is a natural part of the healing process. A pet’s love can heal the deepest wound in the human heart and the loss of that connection can shatter a grieving individual. The agonizing months that follow are a time to heal and move forward with life. Apathetic statements such as “Get over it – it’s just an animal” are recklessly spoken by those who don’t understand the unique bond between the soul of animal and their person.

Animals weave their love, in our lives, like a finely woven tapestry. The multi-colored seasons spent with an animal bring joy, sadness, new beginnings, and then a final ending to their physical life. There are many words, one may say, in parting as death’s sting is felt and hot briny tears begin to freely flow. Goodbye is not a word you will hear me say often. I choose not to say goodbye as it feels final, empty and frankly inaccurate. Death is only an illusion and beyond this physical world lies another full of life with loved ones and our animals. It is for this reason, in those fleeting final moments, that I choose not to say goodbye but Ti’Amo. Ti’Amo I say to you all.

In service and gratitude, Cindy Kay Jones Animal Communicator and Spiritual Medium

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