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My Return From The Edge

I recently sat by the mighty ocean's edge as the rhythmic ebb and flow of the salty water kissed my feet. My mind contemplating the past few years of my ongoing spiritual struggle. The trials of life seemed too overbearing to share with you here. My penchant for privacy and my school of hard knocks learned caution to escape being judged rose up inside myself like a burning fire. One that burns hot yet is controlled. It's been a difficult past 3 years with the past year and half being the absolute darkest experience of my entire life. Yet, it truly is in the darkness that the light of the Divine shines the brighest.

I started a deep dive into my spiritual growth in 2012. Through the unfoldment of my path I've been fortunate to work as a Spiritual Medium and Animal Communicator throughout US, Europe and Asia. I gave myself fully to the service of others while at the same time working a 9 to 5 desk job. I experienced burnout and it was truly a living nightmare - except in nightmares one can wake up. I never had the gift of waking up until June 22, 2023. This was the day that I returned from the edge. It was the day that the light began to shine thru the shattered cracks of my soul. The light of the Divine is still like a healing balm warming my heart to the peace of the present moment.

The gift of being a medium is truly one that I have embraced and pushed away. I embrace my gift today, knowing that I am a medium. No matter what others believe, say, write, or whisper, I am a medium. I have the gift of communicating with animals. The eyes of animals are so much more forgiving than the eyes of man. I am a psychic. I know the portend of events to come, past events that you've told no-one, and the palette of colors yet to be painted in-between. I know that I am different as self awareness shrouds me. It's a gift from the Divine and I didn't choose it. It chose me.

It's in the "ow's" of life, the pain, the rejection, the broken heart, the worries, the separation, the sting of death that clients contact me. I am your last port of call. No one calls a mystic at the onset of a trial. It's when the suffering soul has exhausted all efforts within their grasp that you will contact me - another soul which has suffered great pain indeed - but has allowed that pain to be transformed into purpose. Your pain has a purpose as well. Together we will discover what it is. A wonderful benefit to having a private sitting with me.

It's in the healing of my own pain that I am able to be of service to you. The gift is not being a mystic but much like the mythical bird phoenix the gift is rising from the ashes each and every time. Reborn and renewed. The dark night of the soul is over.

I have returned from the edge. I am ready to be of service to you. Namaste.

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