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About Cindy Kay Jones
Spiritual Medium & Animal Communicator

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"My sister had luck in 2016 finding her cat when he went missing for a week with the help of Cindy. After I told my sister that Cleo had gone missing the night before she immediately texted Cindy to see if she could help. Cindy reminded her of the power of the golden cord so she shared that with me. I sat in our living room and concentrated on helping Cleo find her way home, envisioning that the golden cord could help guide her back to me. After a bit I decided to go check outside to see if she was around before bed and low and behold Cleo had made her way to our back yard! Some could say it was just good timing but I truly believe that the advice Cindy gave me was what helped Cleo find her home again. I'll be forever grateful for Cindy's help!" - Anna


I want to thank you for letting me hear from Maddey ( my Yorkie).
You had asked me about the song Sweet Caroline & the name Carol. I could recall any of it.
I had my friend record our talk & I sent it to my daughter. She told me she sang that song to Maddey & she'd call her "Karen". I about fell over when she told me that.
I don't blame my self about her death & feel better knowing she's with me.
Thanks again.



 I had a wonderful session with Cindy. I lost my husband 9 months ago very unexpectedly and he passed in my presence.  I had a lot of guilt not knowing if I could have done more to save him.  During the first part of our session, two other individuals/spirits came to her. We spoke of each one.  Cindy explained a male, very active, had been communicating to her throughout the early morning (he woke her up at 2:30am, which he would do if he was excited about something lol). I learned it was my husband.  I had prayed to him so many times to be with us that day.  When Cindy asked if this made sense with some of her questions, I know it was my husband, Bill, and said yes.  Cindy asked about things, that only I would know, such as his fishing and old-time songs.  Cindy was very caring and focus throughout her session.   I have been struggling with my husband’s death and grieving has taken a toll on me. I’m still unknown what caused his death, beside what’s listed on the death certificate.  Cindy assured me my husband was still with me and loved me very much. He was proud of me.  She let me know he was present during our session.  He would be waiting for me with I cross over, which is what my heart needed to know.  I have already recommended her to another close friend that lost her husband.  I am beyond grateful for you and helping me through my healing process.  I am looking forward to another session in the near future!

Thank you so much Cindy!!  This meant so much to me!! 

My husband crossed over on May 19, 2020 from a 3-1/2 year battle with cancer. Six weeks after Billy's passing I contacted you. I was so lost without him. Your message from Spirit, from Billy, changed my life. You started by telling me that a man, a musician who reminded you of Eric Clapton, had been interrupting you all day. When you asked if that made sense to me my answer was an immediate YES. You continued with messages from Billy that no one but myself knew. Everything was spot on. Toward the end of our conversation you stated, "You have a container full of guitar picks that belonged to Billy, yes?", to which i replied yes. You said that Billy said to find the pink guitar pick and carry it with me to always remember him (like I would ever forget him...silly man in life and in spirit!). I dumped hundreds of guitar picks out on the dining table while we were talking and never found the pink one. As we were hanging up the phone, I put the last handful of picks back in the container. Just as we hung up i looked at the top of the container and about 1/8 of an inch of a pink guitar pick was peeking up from behind a tortoise shell pick. I started crying. for over 3 years i held onto that guitar pick, sometimes carrying it and sometimes keeping it in a safe place. I looked and looked for the perfect thing to do with it to memorialize Billy. In July 2023 I found a lady out of New York that made guitar pick jewelry. I reached out to her and explained this pink guitar pick and asked if she would be willing to memorialize Billy by making a necklace for me. She agreed. I sent the pick to her and received it back in the mail yesterday...4 days before Billy's 66th birthday. Perfect timing! I've attached a picture for all to see. I am beyond grateful to you and your gift! Namaste - Malea Stoner

I had a wonderful session with Cindy! Prior to my appointment, I had texted her a picture of my deceased dog, Cutter. She contacted me before the appointment to let me know she had already received messages from my beloved Cutter and was ready to relay them. There was no doubt in my mind it was him! She even had him try to explain how he got his name. Cindy is grounded and focused, which is what you want when trying to communicate with your pet. The 30 minute sessions are more than enough for one pet to get all the comfort you need. I have found that if you just let her talk from her notes of communication she made and save any questions for the end, it works best. As a gift, I bought my sister a session who was dealing with a sudden loss of her pet. After the session, she was at peace with the loss, and even had one of her other pets barge in on the session! 

~ Raquel

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Let me begin by saying…. I was a huge skeptic, and I didn’t think this was even possible. I am here to tell you that it’s very much real, and it’s an experience you never forget. Cindy has communicated with a few of our animals, but I’m going to share a story about my daughter Chloe’s horse named Coosa. Cindy took the picture of Coosa in her hand and began to study it. She told us that Coosa likes it when Chloe sings to her, and that she also loves when Chloe dresses them both up for the rodeos. She mentioned a few things about how much Coosa loves Chloe and that she misses Chloe when she’s gone. Chloe did sing to Coosa often, and she would also dress her up nice for the horse shows. Coosa is kept at Chloe’s dad’s house, and Chloe visits every other weekend; this is why Coosa misses her. The last thing Cindy told us was jaw dropping. I got goose bumps and tears started to form. She said that Coosa tries very hard to keep an eye on Little One, so she doesn’t hurt her. Chloe has a baby sister who is 2 and her nick name is actually Little One! Cindy has a special gift. There is no way you can deny it. She was connected with Coosa; there is no other way for her to know the things she did! I highly recommend giving Cindy a chance even if you are not a believer before the session, you will walk away from it believing!

~ Stacey Lynn Carpenter

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I attended Cindy’s animal communication class and was amazed at how much information I was able to absorb through her teachings. Cindy was very organized and definitely knew what she was doing. It didn’t take long before we were communicating with our animals. I had so much fun by the end of class I was already asking when the next one was happening.

~ Suzanne Hammons Storie

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I was initially skeptical about the reading, but was quickly put at ease after talking with Cindy. Her accuracy during the reading of my heart doors was most impressive.Cindy is both grounded and focused. I have already recommended her as a psychic to my family and friends!

~ Robyn Tollefson

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I’ve known Cindy for many years. She is very professional and credible! I was skeptical at first, but knowing her like I do, I trusted her and wanted to hear what she had to say about my dog.  I was surprised! She saw a picture of him. So many things she said was right on about his personality! She even gave me several details about his routine, including his likes and dislikes. ~

~ Kimberlea Hancock Wiley

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Cindy communicated with my uncle’s dog while I was visiting with him in KC. She was spot on with everything! Lexie told her things my uncle, sister-in-law and I had talked about that day and even asked when we were having breakfast and that she loved bacon (I had given her the fat from my bacon that morning)! Simply amazing! 

~ GF

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